Our ambition and aims, and how we will deliver them

We want the people of Lincolnshire to enjoy the highest quality health and wellbeing for themselves, their families and their communities, and we are dedicated to working with them to achieve this. We are changing the ways we are working together and are committed to becoming one of the better health and care systems in the country. The emerging shared ambition for Better Lives Lincolnshire, by 2030, is a simple one…

For the people of Lincolnshire to have the best possible start in life, and be supported to live, age and die well.

Underpinning our ambition, we have defined four aims that set our strategic direction up to 2025. For each of these aims a set of measures has been defined to demonstrate our progress against them.

These aims are:

  • Have a focus on prevention and early intervention.
  • Tackle inequalities and equity of service provision to meet population needs.
  • Deliver transformational change in order to improve health and wellbeing.
  • Take collective action on health and wellbeing across a range of organisations.

We have developed an Integrated Care Strategy which sets out how we will work together to achieve those aims.

The approach to developing this ICP strategy for Lincolnshire has been to ‘connect’ it to the JHWS, but with each maintaining its own identity:

Together these two strategies set out the approach we will take to deliver the ambition across our system. This ICP strategy sets out the priority enablers the Lincolnshire health and care system and its partners will focus their integration efforts on to deliver these aims and overarching ambition.

These priority enablers are:

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