Our partners and values

Our partners

The organisations involved in the Lincolnshire Health and Care Collaborative are:

These organisations will work together as equal partners to drive forward the provision of high quality, cost-effective integrated health and care services across the county, reducing health inequalities and improving services, outcomes and people’s experiences of accessing healthcare in Lincolnshire. They focus on areas that cannot be tackled alone, for the benefit of patients.

This is about a new way of working that is focused on partnership, closer integration and local collaboration.

The NHS trusts themselves will remain as statutory bodies, and each chair and chief executive will still be accountable for their own separate organisations.

As the LHCC develops, it is our ambition to review and broaden membership to create a wider collaborative with other providers.

Lincolnshire Health and Care Collaborative partner map

Our Values Charter

Across the Collaboration, we have established a Values Charter, which lays out the behaviours needed to foster collaborative partnerships – whether they are focused on vertical or horizontal integration within the system.

By focusing on function, not form, we can agree to demonstrate the same behaviours, regardless of the organisations involved.

We will continually share, test and review these values as we continually strive to improve working arrangements across the Collaborative and share our learnings and success.

Basic rules of collaboration

We talk to people, not about them; we listen as allies; we don’t say yes when we mean no; and we hold ourselves accountable for our promises – always.

Anyone, in any size provider deserves respect and in return would be asked to sign up to our Values Charter.

View our Lincolnshire Health and Care Collaborative Values Charter infographic below.

Lincolnshire Health and Care Collaborative Values Charter

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