Our vision and priorities

Our vision and priorities for Lincolnshire Health and Care Collaborative (LHCC).

Our vision

Our vision is to support people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives by delivering excellence in health and care for people when they need it.

Image of young female health care professional sat speaking with an old woman with glasses

“My care is planned with people who work together to understand me and my carers, put me in control, and coordinate and deliver services to achieve my best outcomes.”

Through new ways of joint working with partners from across the county’s health and care system, LHCC will deliver significant transformation of services at scale, improving outcomes, access, experience and sustainable care for the Lincolnshire population.

The LHCC vision is to ensure that by transforming services we will ensure:

  • The best health and wellbeing of our population
  • High-quality services
  • A happy and resilient workforce
  • Financial sustainability

View a summary of our vision below.

Lincolnshire Health and Care Collaborative - Vision Infographic

Our priorities

We have identified four priority areas or key things we want to achieve in order to deliver the vision we have set out:

Our strategic priorities focus on impact on patients and citizens enabling :

  • Independence – we support people to look after themselves and stay well.
  • Access – we provide fast, easily accessible services when people need them.
  • Experience – we provide a positive experience for people when they need our help.
  • Prevention – we proactively shape the Lincolnshire population’s health approaches to prevent onset or escalation of illness and disease.

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