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NHS Lincolnshire ICB Equality Forum

The new NHS Lincolnshire ICB Equality Forum is set up to support the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Equality Inclusion and Human Rights (EIHR) work within the ICB.


The Equality Forum:-

  • Acts as an internal staff communication and consultation network to support and drive the EIHR agenda
  • Supports the development and implementation of actions to deliver the objectives of the ICB EIHR strategy and action plan
  • Reviews, monitors and reports on the outcomes of EIHR actions in line with the strategy, and action plan and EDS outcomes
  • Supports and monitors HR related work around WRES, WDES, and GPG reporting and setting actions
  • Encourages the mainstreaming of EIHR initiatives into different service areas and activities of the ICB
  • Provides guidance around engagement related EIHR work
  • Enables cascading and communication of information to ICB teams, their providers, stakeholders and diverse communities.


  • Senior managers/staff representation
  • Staff responsible for EIHR, Comms and Engagement and Human Resources
  • Provider organisation representatives including ULHT, LPFT and LCHS

Frequency of meetings and duration

The meetings will take place on a bi-monthly basis, with the option to have additional meetings to discuss and agree urgent priorities as they may arise.

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