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What is Care Closer to Home?

Care Closer to Home enables those with complex care needs, or who have multiple medical conditions or are frail, to live healthy and independent lives at home or in a place they call home and out of hospital wherever possible.

This helps prevent unnecessary hospital attendance or admission, but if a hospital visit is required, community support will be provided as required to enable the patient to return home sooner.

Services in the local community will work together with patients to provide the support and care needed in familiar surroundings close to family and friends. The services working together include GPs, community services, community mental health services, adult social care, care homes, home care services and voluntary organisations.

How does it work?

There are eight specific programmes within Care Closer to Home that we will deliver:

  • We will integrate care by developing local health and care organisations working more closely together.
  • We will develop a virtual ward within the patient’s own home
  • We will provide strong and dedicated support for patients who frequently attend A&E departments
  • We will best respond when sometimes patients may need urgent support to be able to continue to stay at home
  • We want to improve treatment and support for patients who have heart failure and/or require health-related rehabilitation
  • We are continuing to strengthen our services to improve the quality of life for patients and their families who are dealing with life-limiting illnesses and/or end of life care
  • We will improve community health and care services and will make it easier for patients to stay in hospital only for as long as they need to

For more information about Care Closer to Home and the specific programmes, visit the Care Closer to Home webpage on the Lincolnshire Primary Care Network Alliance website. You can find out more about the specific work taking place in each of the eight programmes, get the most up to date information from the monthly newsletters, read patient stories and find out how the programmes and teams are helping to make a difference to the local communities across Lincolnshire.