Our People Hub - Lincolnshire ICS


We want all of our staff to come to work and feel like they belong. As a health and care system in Lincolnshire we want to become more inclusive and ensure that discrimination has no place in any of our organisations.

We have big ambitions for how we want to achieve our aims of:

  • Overhauling recruitment and progression
  • Addressing bullying and harassment
  • Just Cultures
  • Strengthening staff networks.

By working together we want to ensure that:

  • Improvements to our recruitment processes ensure a non-bias approach
  • We increase the diversity of our recruitment panels
  • We use fair interview and decision-making processes
  • We improve processes and mechanisms for learning around incidents
  • We have an allyship support programme that involves building relationships anchored in trust, accountability and are consistent in interactions with marginalised groups
  • All staff are educated about different cultures to improve behaviours and the working environment
  • There is a Just Culture toolkit that acts as a framework for improvements around safety, fairness and consistency
  • We are continuously developing system-wide staff networks.

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