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Health and wellbeing

Keeping our staff happy and healthy is key to caring for our patients and keeping our services running.

Creating, building and maintaining a strong sense of health and wellbeing within our staff, which allows them to explore opportunities of improved self-care.

On-going support and intervention to help maintain and improve, as well as having the ability to reach out and take advantage of intense support as and when it is needed will ensure our people will maximise their own self-esteem, competencies and performance. 


This in turn will allow them to lead healthier and happier lives outside of work as well as continuing to enhance our patients experience both across our health and care services.

We are working on a number of ideas to help improve and maintain the health and wellbeing for our staff, including:

  • Creating a healthy environment so our people feel they work in an environment where their occupational health and safety is recognised and practised by all, leading to an increase in retention and productivity, and a reduction in absenteeism
  • Creating a great place to work so our people feel valued, supported and treated with dignity and respect resulting in them recommending the Lincolnshire system as a great place to work
  • Being well so that our people feel a good sense of health and wellbeing at work and can manage and balance the pressures and challenges within their working lives
  • Sustaining a health body so that we are developing our staff’s understanding and insight into the impact of having a strong and healthy body to help fight illnesses, reduce risk if injury and increase performance during work and home life
  • Having a healthy lifestyle so our staff are educated on healthy living around food, exercise and fitness, personal growth and self-development and mental wellbeing in order to support our people to remain healthy.

NHS People Promise
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