Care Portal – Fair Processing Notice

What is Lincolnshire Care Portal?

Lincolnshire Care Portal is a secure computer system that provides health and care workers with a view of selected personal information contained in different health and care systems.

What personal information will be made available?

The types of personal information could include:

  • Name, address, NHS Number and phone number
  • Medications & Allergies
  • Results of x-rays, scans or laboratory results
  • Letters
  • Treatment you have received
  • Future and past appointments
  • Care Plans

How is my personal information used?

The personal information in the Care Portal is used to direct, manage and deliver the care you receive. This ensures that health and care workers involved in your care have accurate and up to date information so they can assess and improve the quality and type of care you receive.

A full audit trail is maintained to track who is accessing your personal information. Your personal information can only be accessed by the health and care workers who need to see it to support your care. Access to your information is strictly controlled.

The Care Portal does not share your personal information with any third party organisations. If you do not want your personal information to be viewed in the Care Portal you will need to complete an opt out form.

Opting out may mean that the health and care workers caring for you may not have access to important personal information relevant to your care. If you decide to opt out then health and care workers cannot override your decision, even in a medical emergency. Download an opt out form.

Which organisations are involved in the Lincolnshire Care Portal?

The organisation(s) contributing personal information to the Care Portal are:

  • United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Organisations where health and care workers are able to view personal information in the Lincolnshire Care Portal are:

  • Lincolnshire GP Practices
  • United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust
  • St Barnabas Hospice Trust

As more organisations are involved in the Care Portal, this section will be updated.

How can I see the personal information held about me?

The Care Portal reflects the personal information held by the contributing organisation(s)above. You should contact them directly if you wish to have a copy of the personal data held about you. The contact details for each organisation can be found below.