Lincolnshire Care Portal – Information for GP Practices

What is the Care Portal and what information does it contain?

The Lincolnshire Care Portal is a secure computer system that enables users to view an integrated care record for patients. It brings together selected patient information from multiple organisations and systems in real time, and shows patient diagnoses, appointments and documents across contributing health and care organisations. It can also notify users when relevant events occur as well as providing secure communication between care providers.

The Care Portal is deployed to majority of the 81 GP practices in Lincolnshire so far, with over 9,000 users set up across the ICB. The feedback from users is very positive, with staff saying how easy to use the system is, that they are able to access information faster such as radiology reports and discharge documents, and that they can see if a patient has an appointment booked at ULHT and NWAFT to see the progress of referrals. 

Video – Dr Dan Lane’s Care Portal Experience

Dr Dan Lane’s Care Portal Experience

How can my GP Practice receive access to the Lincolnshire Care Portal?

For GP Practices that do not yet have Care Portal access:

If your practice does not yet have access to the Care Portal please email Digital Support Team at: to arrange this. The team will arrange account set up for staff once the completed documentation including staff details and an Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) have been returned by the Practice Manager/Deputy PM. An e-Learning package is also available to support staff, as we have ceased the face-to-face training temporarily to support a faster roll out. 

If you have any further queries or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact the Digital Support Team at:

For GP Practices that do already use the Care Portal but would like more staff setting up:

Practice Managers/Deputy PM to please email the staff setup details to – including Full name, Job Title, Care Portal Role required (Clinical or Clinical Admin – Dependant on their Job Title), smartcard number and their email address. The team will then arrange for the staff to be set-up. Whilst waiting for their credential email, staff must complete the e-Learning package (approx 30-45 mins) prior to accessing the system.