Self Care

Treat aches and pains, coughs and colds at home – stock your medicine cabinet with over-the-counter remedies.

We want to empower and encourage everyone to make self-care their everyday habit. Incorporating the practise of self-care into our everyday lives can help us to live as healthily as possible. And there’s evidence that suggests being as healthy as we can also help us to better cope with life’s challenges that come our way.

Let’s think about how we live our lives and maybe make some small changes that will improve our health and wellbeing, and our family’s. Those changes could mean looking at what we eat or drink, or how much exercise we do or how much sleep we are getting. They could be about our work-life balance, because staying connected to our friends and family is also vital to our wellbeing, and theirs.

Knowing what to do and where to go for help is an important part of practising self-care for life. Remember, it isn’t just the GP practice that can help, pharmacies are also health experts. They are on every high street and can help with all sorts of ailments. Pharmacists can also signpost you to the right place for additional health advice or treatment. Find out more about pharmacy services.

Keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet/first aid kit

Be prepared for common illnesses and injuries by keeping your medicine cabinet stocked all year round.

Check your medicine cabinet and first aid kit to make sure you have the essentials in your home so you can deal with minor accidents and injuries.

Check your medicine cabinet and make sure you have the following basics:

  • Pain relief
  • Antihistamines
  • Oral rehydration salts
  • Indigestion remedies
  • Sunscreen
  • First aid kit
  • Thermometer to check for fever
  • Range of bandages, plasters, elastic bandages and dressings
  • Antiseptic cream

Health advice online

Remember, NHS 111 online can also be a good resource for health advice for things that are not life-threatening. And the NHS website has lots of information on what steps to take to look after you and your family.

The Self Care Forum also has some useful fact sheets you might like to download. Visit

Start your journey to better health and wellbeing

How Are You Lincolnshire – online directory of professional support services and activity groups across Lincolnshire to help people boost their mental health and wellbeing.

One You Lincolnshire – free integrated healthy lifestyle service for residents of Lincolnshire.

Let’s Move Lincolnshire – countywide movement supporting and encouraging everyone in Lincolnshire to be more active.

Better Health – whether you want to lose weight, get active or quit smoking, Better Health is here with lots of free tools and support. You can also find simple ways to lift your mood with Every Mind Matters.

The important thing to remember is, practising self-care is something we all need to do every day. For ourselves. For our families. And for the NHS.

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