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Caring for the people of Lincolnshire is what our people do, day in, day out. Health and care services in the county have had a chance to really develop relationships across the sector, particularly against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic.

Working with the NHS People Plan, health and care services, including social care, have developed strong partnership working, collaboration and shared endeavours, all culminating in helping to improve the care of our patients, and the working conditions of our staff.

The county’s first People Plan was launched in 2020/2021 and set the scene for future working. In 2021/2022, going into 2023/2024 this has progressed into the People Team and the People Hub who are all working together with wider system partners, including the Lincolnshire Care Association (LinCa), Primary Care and the voluntary sector.

Want to find out more, visit our One Workforce Lincolnshire website or email lhnt.lincolnshirepeoplehub@nhs.net

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