A happy and valued workforce

A happy and valued workforce

Why is this important?

We truly appreciate our people and everything they do. We also appreciate the link between an engaged, happy workforce who feel valued and the quality and efficiency of the care they are able to deliver.

Having the right workforce in the right place at the right time allows our services to meet the healthcare needs of people locally. To continue to do this we need a constant flow of talented people from our communities into the organisations. We also need to provide good opportunities for training and development to encourage them to stay in Lincolnshire rather than move elsewhere.

To develop our workforce in Lincolnshire we will:

  • 1. Value our people
    • Create an environment that makes them feel safe and included so that they in turn can offer the best care to their patients.

    • Ensure our people have the right equipment to deliver safe and effective care.

    • Look after the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of all staff and enable them to look after their own wellbeing too.

    • End bullying and harassment in the workplace.

    • Improve and maintain high standards in recruitment to ensure NHS Lincolnshire is an inclusive employer.

    • Support and encourage a just culture of fairness, openness and learning by making staff feel confident to speak up when things go wrong, rather than fearing blame.

    • Seek accreditation where appropriate (e.g. menopause accreditation, armed forces, carers network) to demonstrate our commitment to demonstrate our commitment to staff.
  • 2. Grow our people
    • Attract and grow a sustainable workforce in Lincolnshire.

    • Continue to focus on recruiting more people in coastal areas through the Rural & Coastal Programme.

    • Work together to promote careers in health and care alike, representing Lincolnshire as a great place to live and work.

    • Manage staffing levels better, so we know where more people are needed within the service, and focus our recruitment efforts to suit.

    • Work with young people, schools, community groups and potential employees to improve career opportunities in health and care in line with the Integrated Care Partnership Strategy.
  • 3. Develop our people
    • Make continuous learning the norm.

    • Develop our workforce to deliver outstanding care in Lincolnshire.

    • Promote the Lincolnshire Integrated Care System Centre of Excellence to create careers in health and care.

    • Develop initiatives to identify our top talent and develop our leaders.

    • Give staff the skills, knowledge and confidence to embrace technology and new ways of working in their day-to-day work.
  • 4. Retain our people
    • Promote the Lincolnshire health and care sector as an employer of choice.

    • Continue to embed the People Promise elements through the Retention Exemplar programme, which focuses on encouraging people to remain as one of our team.

    • Agree and publish the benefits for all staff working with us to encourage people to build long-term careers in the county.

    • Offer flexible working opportunities to make us employers of choice.

    • Explore new ways of meeting the development needs of specific professional staff groups to keep them in Lincolnshire.

How will this benefit people and communities in Lincolnshire?

A bigger workforce will mean people are more likely to have access to the care they need when they need it and in a location that suits them. They will no longer have to travel long distances as services will be delivered closer to home. People won’t have to wait for support treatment owing to staff shortages

How will this benefit clinicians and professionals working in the NHS in Lincolnshire?

Our clinicians will be able to work flexibly to support their own needs and those of our services. Staff will have opportunities for career development and progress at every stage and will gain valuable experience from all health and care sectors. They will feel well supported and able to give their best when it comes to people’s care.

How will this benefit staff working in the NHS in Lincolnshire?

Our staff will be safe and well and will feel able to speak up about all aspects of work and life. They will be working in an environment that promotes learning and supports their career aspirations. Staff will feel valued by leaders and managers and know they are important and appreciated.