Intelligence and Analytics

“Lincolnshire is now the trail blazer. We have the most comprehensive Joined Intelligence Dataset in the country.” Katy Hardwick, Director of Intelligence & Analytics, NHS Lincolnshire ICB..

We have achieved full Lincolnshire population coverage within our ICS Joined Intelligence Dataset, thanks to the engagement from every practice across Lincolnshire’s Integrated Care System. As a result, many practices have already started to access it with the support of analysts and the ICB’s Population Health Management team.

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to sub-licence access directly to our ICS partners and GP practices via our Reporting Suite. This expands the value of the dataset, enabling PCNs and practices to investigate and act upon the intelligence it contains. This means access to a greater understanding about cohorts of need, sources of demand and outcomes within each user’s own population, so that the benefits of such activities as designing tailored services, targeting delivery and evaluating the outcomes of the intervention, can be achieved locally, in a more timely way… Support to access, interpret and utilise the intelligence also continues, through our training programmes, mentoring and access to skilled analysts.

If you’d like to know more about the Lincolnshire ICS Joined Intelligence Dataset or the support available, or would like to set up access, please contact our generic email address