Children’s and young people’s continuing care

NHS continuing care is support provided for children and young people under 18 who need a tailored package of care because of their disability, an accident or illness. It is different from NHS CHC, which can be provided to adults who have very severe or complex health needs.

The main difference is that while NHS CHC for adults focuses mainly on health and care needs, continuing care for a child or young person should also consider their physical, emotional and intellectual development as they move towards adulthood.

This means that if your child is assessed for NHS continuing care, it is likely that a range of organisations will be involved, such as health, education and local authority children’s services. These different agencies will contribute to your child’s care package if they are found to have continuing care needs.

If you think your child should be assessed for NHS continuing care, talk to a health or social care professional who works with them. They will make a referral to the ICB if appropriate.

You can find more information on children and young people’s continuing care on the NHS website.