Tackling Fraud in the NHS

Fraud in Your NHS Workplace

What is the cost of NHS fraud?

According to our latest estimate, fraud costs the NHS £1.29 billion a year. That’s enough money to pay for over 40,000 staff nurses, or to purchase over 5,000 frontline ambulances. It is taxpayers’ money that is taken away from patient care and falls into the hands of criminals.

What do we mean by fraud?

When we say ‘fraud’, we mean a range of economic crimes, such as fraud, bribery and corruption. While those who commit fraud against the NHS are a minority, they are having a serious impact on us all.

Fraud against the NHS takes many forms. The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) is the organisation tasked to lead the fight against fraud, bribery and corruption in the NHS. Please see the more information about fraud on the NHSCFA website.

What can you do about fraud in the NHS?

Everyone has a part to play in fighting fraud. Being aware of the risk and remaining vigilant are the most important first steps, followed by knowing how to report fraud.

It is easy to report NHS fraud ⬇️

If you have any suspicions or concerns, you can contact your counter fraud specialist team:

Our NHS Counter Fraud provider is Audit Yorkshire.

You can call the anonymous, 24-hour reporting line on 0800 028 4060 (powered by Crimestoppers) or use a confidential online reporting form.