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Join a Patient Participation Group (PPG)

GP practices have patient participation groups (PPGs) to provide an opportunity for patients to get more involved in their local practice and influence the way services are provided. Speak to your practice to find out how to join.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) are groups of patients who contribute feedback, ideas and suggestions directly to their GP practice. They are an effective network of local people interested in health care and services who can bring the voice and experience of patients into the heart of the ICB.

Each of the local GP practices is a member of the ICB and have their own Patient Participation Group (PPG) which gives local people the opportunity to get involved at a very local level and have their say.

Each GP practice runs their PPG differently. Some GP practices have groups that meet regularly while some may be a ‘virtual’ group and use email and social media to connect with members, so even if you are only an occasional user of your local surgery or cannot attend meetings, you will be able to share your views.

Matters discussed may relate to the surgery or to other health experiences within Lincolnshire.

How do I join my PPG?

If you would like to find out more about your local Patient Participation Group, please do contact your practice directly. You can visit their website through the links on our GP members page

If you are interested in finding your nearest PPG or would like more information, please contact our engagement team by email at

The National Association for Patient Participation works to promote and support patient involvement in GP practices. Visit to find out more about Patient Participation Groups.