The ICB is required to establish two statutory Committees – Audit and Remuneration. 

Audit Committee (ICB Committee)

This Committee is accountable to the board and provides an independent and objective view of the ICB’s compliance with its statutory responsibilities. The Committee is responsible for arranging appropriate internal and external audit. 

The Audit Committee will be chaired by an independent board member who has qualifications, expertise or experience to enable them to express credible opinions on finance and audit matters.

Remuneration Committee (ICB Committee)

This Committee is accountable to the Board for matters relating to remuneration, fees and other allowances (including pension schemes) for employees and other individuals who provide services to the ICB. 

The Remuneration Committee will be chaired by a Non-Executive Member other than the ICB Chair or the Chair of Audit Committee.

The Terms of Reference for each of these Committees is included in the ICB Governance Handbook. 

Other Committees

The Board has also established other Committees to assist it with the discharge of its functions. These Committees are set out below:

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