NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) is a package of care for adults aged 18 or over. In order to receive NHS CHC funding individuals have to be assessed by Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) according to a legally prescribed decision making process to determine whether the individual has a primary health need.

What is a primary health need?

The concept of a primary health need is central to deciding whether the entirety of someone’s care needs should be met by the NHS or the local authority. Put simply, an individual has a primary health need if, having taken into account all their health and social care needs, it can be said that the main aspects or majority of the care they require is focused on addressing or preventing health needs.

Where can NHS CHC be provided?

NHS CHC can be provided in a variety of settings outside hospital, such as in your home or in a registered care home.

If you’re eligible for NHS CHC, your needs and support package will normally be reviewed within three months and thereafter at least annually. This review will consider whether your existing care and support package meets your assessed needs. If your needs have changed, the review will also consider whether you’re still eligible for NHS CHC.

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