NHS Lincolnshire ICB Constitution

In accordance with section 14Z25(5) of, and paragraph 1 of Schedule 1B to, the 2006 Act the ICB must have a constitution, which must comply with the requirements set out in that Schedule. The ICB is required to publish its constitution (section 14Z29). This Constitution is published on this website.

The Constitution is also supported by a number of documents which provide further details on how governance arrangements in the ICB will operate. NHS Lincolnshire ICB Constitution

The following are appended to the Constitution and form part of it for the purpose of clause 1.6 and the ICB’s legal duty to have a constitution:

a) Standing orders– which set out the arrangements and procedures to be used for meetings and the selection and appointment processes for the ICB committees.

The following do not form part of the Constitution but are required to be published.

a) The Scheme of Reservation and Delegation (SoRD)– sets out those decisions that are reserved to the Board of the ICB and those decisions that have been delegated in accordance with the powers of the ICB and which must be agreed in accordance with and be consistent with the constitution.

The SoRD identifies where, or to whom functions and decisions have been delegated to.

b) Functions and Decision map- a high level structural chart that sets out which key decisions are delegated and taken by which part or parts of the system. The Functions and Decision map also includes decision making responsibilities that are delegated to the ICB (for example, from NHS England).

c) Standing Financial Instructions – which set out the arrangements for managing the ICB’s financial affairs.

ICB Governance Handbook

The purpose of this document is to bring together a range of corporate statutory documents
in one place and is described as the NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board Governance
Handbook (the “ICB Governance Handbook”).

The ICB Governance Handbook will be updated regularly as a routine reference guide for
key stakeholders, including Partner organisations staff and the public.

ICB Function Map
ICB Governance Structure

The NHS Constitution for England

The NHS is founded on a common set of principles and values that bind together the communities and people it serves – patients and public – and the staff who work for it.

This Constitution establishes the principles and values of the NHS in England. It sets out rights to which patients, public and staff are entitled, and pledges which the NHS is committed to achieve, together with responsibilities, which the public, patients and staff owe to one another to ensure that the NHS operates fairly and effectively.