Lincolnshire Involvement Champions

In the spring 2022, the Clinical Commissioning Group recruited 22 volunteers from a variety of backgrounds to work with the CCG and ensure that the voices of diverse populations and communities were heard.  These volunteers are known as Involvement Champions.

Since their recruitment our involvement champions have been instrumental in several key programmes of work, such as, the transfer to the Integrated Care Board and the consultation for four hospital services.

There are still opportunities for people to become Involvement Champion for Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board (ICB). 

What is involved?

Involvement Champions are volunteers who, with training and support, help to champion the involvement needs of communities; to ensure their collective voices are heard by the ICB, including voices from seldom heard and marginalised groups.  The Involvement Champions can empower and motivate people to get involved in health‑promoting activities, signpost people to relevant services and create groups to meet local needs.

Individuals will act as a point of contact between NHS Lincolnshire ICB and their community or network.  They will present the viewpoints and feedback about health services from their communities to the ICB so that we can hear and act on the patient voice from the community we serve.

Who can become an Involvement Champion? 

  • Anyone who lives in Lincolnshire
  • Anyone who is part of a local Lincolnshire group or has the opportunity to regularly speak to local people and communities e.g. colleagues, neighbours, friends, social and support, sports groups

What will we do with the information you share from your community?

The ICB will:

  • Share this information with the relevant services, and ask them to act and respond to any feedback or concerns in order to improve.
  • Look at this information alongside other routes of patient feedback, for example from patient participation groups, surveys and listening clinics to identify any trends and steer any future engagement needs.
  • Share this intelligence with ICB decision makers to influence future commissioning priorities and improve the services we commission.

Become an involvement champion

We are looking to recruit more Involvement Champions from a variety of backgrounds to help us hear the voices of our diverse population.

Whether you want to find out more about NHS services, support your local community or add a leadership role to your CV, if you have good local knowledge and like a challenge this is the volunteering role for you.

You will be given the opportunity to support your local community, whilst gaining new skills and at the same time helping your local NHS ensure services meet the needs of your community and our population.

Expressions of interest

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Useful resources

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