Improving medication prescribing

Improving how we prescribe medication in Lincolnshire has been identified as an area of focus for the Lincolnshire Health and Care Collaborative.

The collaborative brings together GPs, hospitals, community, mental health and learning disability services, alongside social care and the voluntary and community sector to improve the quality of care patients receive.

It ensures services are working together in close partnership, to make best use of resources and joining up to improve patient experience.

Why is prescribing important?

We know in Lincolnshire 50 per cent of patients do not take their medicines as prescribed, and between 5 and 8 per cent of all unplanned hospital admissions are due to medication issues.

Lincolnshire is also a high prescriber and user of certain medications, when compared to the national average.

Looking at this in more detail, we’ve identified three key areas that could vastly improve patient care and experience.

Three key areas:

  • Mental health prescribing
  • Use of opioids for long term pain
  • Regular medication reviews for those on multiple medications (polypharmacy)

We need your help

It is really important that we include our patient and carer’s voices in all the work we do, to ensure we are focusing on the right things that will make a difference.

We will be seeking regular feedback on your experiences as part of the work, as well as asking what would help, or what we should change.

We are particularly looking for people that have experience of using the medications we’ve talked about, to help guide us with their personal experiences.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more, or be involved, contact the Involvement Team at NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board on

We will share more updates and information here as we progress.

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