LIVES Falls Response Service – Survey

We would like your views on our expansion of the LIVES Falls Response Service.


Emergency Falls Response is provided by trained and experienced community first responders with additional enhanced training in moving and handling patients and emergency care, including advanced pain relief. 
Teams respond to people who have fallen in the community on behalf of the NHS ambulance service. The service currently operates from 8am to 8pm seven days a week, and teams are deployed in 3 specially converted non blue light 4×4 vehicles.  
The purpose of the team is to provide a timely response to people who have fallen in the community, and predominantly do not require hospital attendance. Increasingly, EFR teams are dispatched to falls with injury of varying severity and are able to provide rapid assessment, prompt pain relief and escalate cases within the 999 system. This reduces the burden on NHS services, streamlines patient care and reduces complications arising from a prolonged ambulance delay.  
In addition, EFR also provides a response to immediate life threatening emergencies in the community, including category 1 cardiac arrests. Teams work closely with CEMS clinicians to provide enhanced medical and trauma care in the community. 

Community Emergency Medicine and LIVES Falls Response Team
LIVES Falls Response Team

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