Let’s talk bowel cancer screening

Thank you to those from the Marisco, Beacon, Hawthorn and Caskgate Medical Practices for completing our Let’s Talk Bowel Cancer Screening survey.

This survey was sent to these 4 GP Practices as they have some of the county’s lowest uptakes of the Bowel Cancer Screening test (‘poo test’) that is received in the post.

This feedback is helping with an NHS Lincolnshire project that aims to increase the number of eligible people who complete their Bowel Cancer Screening.

When people are diagnosed at earlier stages of Bowel Cancer, it improves their survival rate which is why we are trying to increase the uptake of Bowel Cancer Screening.

The results of our survey so far show that:

  • 75% of survey respondents found the Bowel Cancer Screening test very easy to complete
  • 83% of respondents cited their main reason for doing the Bowel Cancer Screening test was because they felt they had a responsibility to protect their health
  • Most of the survey respondents that did not take the Bowel Cancer Screening test didn’t do so because they felt that doing the test won’t stop them getting cancer, doing the test was too embarrassing and they had other health conditions to focus on.
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