WaitLess App – Survey

We would like to gather feedback from members of the public who have heard of, or used the NHS WaitLess app.

We would like to hear your views on:

  • Using the app – such as how useful and easy to use it is
  • Whether you followed the app’s suggestions, and how we might improve the app going forward


The NHS in Lincolnshire has launched an app for mobile phones which shows where you can access urgent and emergency care services across Lincolnshire. It shows the nearest urgent treatment centres (UTCs) to your location and all available pharmacies. The WaitLess app highlights the current waiting time, queue numbers and travel-time so people can make an informed decision about where to seek the fastest treatment for minor illness and injuries. You can also access a desktop version of the app here: https://e-waitless.com/

By explaining travel, waiting and treatment time, patients are given the most accurate picture of how long they may spend at each location, allowing them to decide on the most appropriate setting to attend. The app also displays a full list of treatment services available at each site, as well as parking and opening-time information.

In addition to the WaitLess app there are a range of alternatives to access healthcare, including self-care, asking your pharmacist, contacting your GP surgery, visiting NHS 111 online or calling NHS 111.

This consultation is now closed but you can still have your say. Please contact us to share your experiences and/or feedback, licb.involveus@nhs.net.