Developing Lincolnshire’s Living with Cancer Strategy 2023-28 Engagement

Through partnership working, the ICB wants to make sure that people living with cancer in Lincolnshire are supported at the right time, in the right place, by the right people and in the right way for them. Work started in early 2023 on drafting the fourth Lincolnshire Living with Cancer Strategy. Within the partnership, patient and stakeholder involvement is recognized as an essential way to find out if the priorities are still valid, and the work already carried out is having the right impact in the right places for our population.

We recognise that we have great services in place but also realise that sometimes the cancer pathways and care received aren’t joined up, and people remain unaware of the support that is available.

The Living with Cancer team is working with our partners right across the system and working with people living with cancer to change this; and are working towards making this a lasting change. 

In March 2023, a patient and public survey was launched alongside a separate staff and stakeholder survey which will help us gather views on how we can shape cancer services in Lincolnshire over the next 5 years. The Living with Cancer team and the ICB’s engagement team also conducted visits to various cancer support groups across Lincolnshire in March and April 2023.


The results from the surveys and group discussions were presented at the Living with Cancer Stakeholder Workshop at the end of April 2023. This resulted in:

  • A strategy that will be well informed and be able to deliver the correct services
  • Stakeholders being fully informed and aware of the challenges patient face
  • Fully involved staff and stakeholders that will help deliver services
  • Feedback will drive improvement for cancer services in Lincolnshire