Musculoskeletal (MSK) Pathway for Hip and Knee Services Engagement

Two separate surveys were promoted to gather both patient and public feedback and staff feedback on the Musculoskeletal (MSK) Pathway for Hip and Knee Services.

Background information on project/engagement activity

The aim of the engagement was to gain feedback from patients and the public across Lincolnshire to hear about their experiences of using MSK services and to hear from those patients that have not needed to use services to gather thoughts on the proposed new pathway (patients were able to click through the survey to what was applicable to them) and staff to hear about what is working well and how it could be developed further.

By involving patients, the public and staff through a robust engagement approach, clinicians have now re-designed the elective hip and knee joint replacement care pathway to support a single MSK service working across primary care, community, acute and social care services.  Improved and personalised care for people is at the heart of this, promoting shared decision-making and self-management through early health promotion and prevention.

The ICB commissioned Healthwatch Lincolnshire to capture patient experience feedback along each stage of the new pathway which has been integral to the programme.


  • A Co-production Group has been established and is led by Every-one a local charity, ensuring that those with lived experience are able to share their continued experiences and recommendations across each stage of the pathway. 
  • The MSK programme was shortlisted for the Patient Involvement & Experience Award during the LCHS Celebrating Success 2022 Staff and Volunteer Awards
  • In March 2023 the team were nominated for a Parliamentary Award
  • Action plans are being developed from the feedback to deliver required improvements with service leads identified to own the plans.