NHS Lincolnshire Joint Forward Plan 2023-28 Engagement

In June 2023, all NHS organisations in Lincolnshire published our joint priorities for the next 5 years and we want your views on this.

The Health and Care Act 2022 requires NHS Integrated Care Boards (ICB, the organisations which plan and commission health services) and their partner trusts (the organisations which deliver health services) to prepare a ‘Joint Forward Plan’ each year.


The NHS Lincolnshire Joint Forward Plan describes the priorities that the NHS in Lincolnshire and its partners will jointly deliver over the next five years to meet the physical and mental health needs of Lincolnshire’s population.

We developed this by hearing from the most important people in all of this, you our patients, service users and carers.

In February 2023, we heard what was important to you and where you wanted us to focus our efforts as we develop services for local people. We used this feedback to draft our five priorities. In  early June 2023, we asked if these priorities were right and how we could deliver them. This shaped our Joint Forward Plan which was published in late June 2023.

We now want to hear from you again as we continue to monitor and review our five priorities, making sure that they are still relevant and align to Lincolnshire’s population needs.

This consultation is now closed but you can still have your say. Please contact us to share your experiences and/or feedback, licb.involveus@nhs.net.

  • Phase 1: February 2023

    During our first phase of engagement in February 2023, we asked members of the public to share their views on what they felt the priorities should be for the NHS in Lincolnshire over the next 5 years, including what they want us to focus on as we develop local services for local people, as well as feeding back their own experiences of Lincolnshire’s NHS.

    The NHS Lincolnshire ICB engagement team were busy having conversations with the public and community groups, attending 20 community group meetings across 8 localities in Lincolnshire. This included conversations with young adults, people with mental health issues, minority ethnic groups and those communities who live in deprived areas of the county

    In addition to the engagement activities, Healthwatch Lincolnshire developed a survey in partnership with the ICB which was circulated widely to the public, staff and stakeholders. Further to this we have also been gathering experiences of care through a survey which has been open since June 2022.

    Below are some of the outputs of the phase 1 communications and engagement activity:

    • 1028 responses to the Healthwatch online survey
    • Attended 20 engagement events across Lincolnshire, talking to 254 people
    • Engagement sent to over 9000 people on our stakeholder database
    • Engagement sent to over 13,000 staff through organisation comms
    • Focussed on areas with high levels of deprivation and health inequalities
    • Supported patients to get involved who would not be able to access the survey online
    • 388 responses to the Experiences of Care survey


    • Results from this engagement were presented to clinicians, stakeholders and NHS provider organisations at our Joint Forward Plan workshops in March 2023 to inform the development of the draft priorities
    • Resulting in a fully engaged programme board and stakeholders who recognised the importance of patient.
  • Phase 2: June 2023

    The second phase of engagement took place in early June 2023 and saw the NHS Lincolnshire ICB engagement team having discussions with members of the public and testing the five draft priorities.

    The team visited 22 community group meetings across 13 localities in Lincolnshire including engaging with health inclusion and underrepresented groups such as those from deprived areas, younger people, people with mental health issues and those from LGBTQ+ community and other protected characteristics. Healthwatch Lincolnshire also undertook 2 webinars to gather views from members of staff.

    Below are some of the outputs of the phase 2 engagement activity:

    • Engaged with 22 groups across Lincolnshire, talking to 252 people
    • 2 virtual events held with our ICB Involvement Champions and PPG representatives
    • 2 Healthwatch webinars for members of staff


    • Feedback has been considered by the team working on the development of the Joint Forward Plan to help shape the document and also the steering group who have oversight of the process and ensure the engagement has been duly considered
    • Detailed feedback has also been shared with priority leads to inform the development of their delivery plans to incorporate the feedback heard, identify any gaps identified, areas of focus within priorities or where we need to strive to make this priority ‘go further’.

NHS feedback session for Join Forward Plan. Phase 2 engagement with Alford and Mablethorpe Rotary Club
Feedback session for Join Forward Plan. Phase 2 engagement with Alford and Mablethorpe Rotary Club.