What are we doing?

Clinical Reference Groups

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For each of the three key areas we have brought together groups of multi-skilled health professionals, including GPs, pharmacy and specialists in particular fields of mental health and pain management.

These groups are looking at current prescribing practices and how these could be better managed and monitored.

Each of the groups have the following key aims:

  • Ensure patients receive regular medication reviews with an appropriate health professional, to ensure they remain effective and appropriate for their needs
    People have time to discuss medication options, side effects and possible alternative treatments and can access information on what these options are
    Raise awareness and provide additional training on the appropriateness of different medications and how these can be safely and effectively reduced
  • Create a toolkit of resources for prescribers and patients, which includes clear guidelines on medication use and what to expect
  • Develop specialist networks that can support prescribers with queries.

What we want to change

We recognise that everyone’s health and wellbeing can be very individual, and what works for someone, may not be appropriate for others.

We want to develop a general set of guidelines that will help prescribers discuss all the options available and find what will work best for them as an individual.

This will not only improve the experience and quality of care patients receive; it will also improve prescribing practice, make best use of resources we have available and reduce unplanned hospital admissions.

We want patients to have more time to discuss the options available with their GP or other health professional, as well as find out more about the alternative treatments that could be helpful.

Where patients may have been on medication for a long time, we want to be able to offer additional help and support to reduce where appropriate, and support with any withdrawal side effects they may experience.

Ultimately we want to help people live well in their communities and have the best quality of life they can.

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